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The Forever War

sarahbradlee Wrote: Sep 13, 2014 9:37 AM
Someone doesn't know much about the war in the Pacific.
I agree with you. And, there is no mention of the murderer in this story - the coward who hit a tiny child and wanted to run away from their guilt............... Inconceivable to be so cowardly not to stop. Inexcusable.
Massachusetts has contaminated all of New England - specifically New Hampshire. Sad that Mass residents flee the taxes and invade NH bringing the SAME ideology with them.
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On the Death of My Father

sarahbradlee Wrote: Aug 26, 2014 7:50 AM
Thank you so much. My dad died 8 years ago at 90 and he will always be with me. Like you, I have been blessed with loving, fine parents. Mom is 92 still living at home. So, as you noted - I am still a child and Dad is waiting for us with God. I will read your father's autobiography. I'm so glad he left you such a gift.
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Amnesty Lite Is Still Amnesty

sarahbradlee Wrote: Jun 13, 2014 8:28 AM
Thank you again for making this issue clear and not selling out to the corporate folks who want to persuade everyone that amnesty is good for the economy. Larry Kudlow has totally sold out on this issue.
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Who Owns You?

sarahbradlee Wrote: Jun 13, 2014 8:02 AM
I also usually agree with Walter Williams, but there are certain problems with the "Right to Try" proposal. I would support this as long as patients receive completely accurate information on the risks. And, since the drug companies and medical device companies (e.g. ECT machines) are very eager to begin making money, the risks are likely to be minimized. And, most important, will patients be allowed the "Right to REFUSE"? In the case regarding the schizophrenics in the European example cited, I will be willing to bet that the actual patients did NOT make the decision to take clozapine. When it comes to the FDA protecting the safety of patients - particularly those with psychological conditions - the patients will be at the risk of being used for experiments without the right or ability to refuse. ECT remains today a prime example of the FDA allowing a destructive procedure because of the failure to conduct the testing to demonstrate the degree of damage to patients. There is big money in this procedure and patients are NOT properly informed even today of the known damage.
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We May Have a PTSD Vaccine Soon

sarahbradlee Wrote: Dec 15, 2013 5:46 AM
So, we will drug our soldiers to allow them to witness killing, suffering, the death of their buddies, the suffering of their friends, and other trauma of war without it shocking their psyche. It sounds to me like these soldiers will be rendered to have the conscience of your average serial killer, murderer and sadist. And, then these young men will return to their families able to act with their bullet-proof psyches. Ernest Hemingway spoke of the use of Electric Shock treatment for his depression prior to his suicide, "The treatment was a success; the patient died." The medical profession particularly in diseases of the psyche has entirely decided that the brain is purely a set of cells and cellular function which can be adjusted and fine-tuned with chemical substances. This is an idea which any active alcoholic or active addict firmly believes - "I can be happy with the next drink, drug" Do not buy in to treatments which ignore the fact that man is a physical, mental and spiritual being. Unless, of course, you believe that man is a robot.
Teddie Kennedy also suffered (?) from Affluenza I guess. If the parents are to blame as they are willing to concede, then it seems appropriate for mom or dad or mom and dad to serve a prison sentence. It might send a message to parents that could change some parenting behavior. As for the killer - the crime is felony vehicular manslaughter - the only hope for this person is to be teamed up with a recovering alcoholic in AA for about 20-30 years who also committed this crime while actively drinking. There are people who can save this kid. It won't be a pleasant experience for the kid. Prison will be a necessary part of the program. But, the prison term portion will be the easy part. It will not consist of time spent riding horses at the luxury resort rehab clinic. Unfortunately, this kid's parents will not get him the only help he needs. And, he will continue to cause great harm...and likely kill others before killing himself.
Precisely, then let's in fact call "it" - as you suggest - "blork". When two individuals of the same gender seek a spousal contract it is "blork" When two individuals of two distinct genders seek a spousal contract it remains the term "marriage". I'm completely good with this. I hate seeing words re-defined for temporary societal/cultural/political correctness and agendas.
Look, you want to be anti-Papist, it's been done. Join the Lutherans. But, I'll tell you it does no good for any faith other than Islam for the US to distance itself from the one political Christian entity in the world. It does not help Jews, it does not help anti-Papist Catholics, it does not help Lutherans or Methodists or EVEN Unitarians for the world to become only a secular force against Islam. Islam will easily defeat secularism. Full disclosure - I'm a Lutheran and no big fan of the papacy if you know ANYTHING about religious history. But, for the US to diminish Catholicism (aka Christianity) will leave a vacuum readily filled by the ONLY remaining political religion -- Islam. And, if you think the Catholic Church has a War on Women, a War on Gays, a War on you name it...................................then you have never met a Muslim woman trying to escape her arranged marriage. I have.
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