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Ahhh, what a "tangled" web we weave, when we practice to deceive!! Now, that the American people are finding what anyone with a brain, already knew - Obummer - LIED - when selling this monstrosity of a bill!! You cannot "keep your doctor", you "cannot keep your healthcare, if you like it" - and now - you "can't keep your meds"... Priceless!
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America: Land of the Adult-Children

1512 Wrote: Dec 02, 2013 9:46 PM
The point is - is, that the American taxpayers is being "forced" by this administration that they will be paying for her whoring around with multiple partners - whether they like it or not - or it is within their faith!! If she's such an "adult" - then she can pay for her own contraception or abortion...
I say "yes" and "term limits" as well...
The people of Illinois DID NOT VOTE for this or have the "privilege" of having their voices heard in any special election or added amendment regarding this matter - as I live in Illinois!! We have enough problems in this state, as it's being bankrupted, by all the corrupt politicians elected.
HOW did they get it right? Where does it say in the Constitution, that it is very much in keeping with a "belief in individual freedom, equality and limited government for gays/lesbians??? I really would like to know! The bible teaches us that it is a sin, an abomination that a "man lie with another man" etc., as God intended that a "man and a woman" would marry for the sole purpose of PROCREATION!!
You must be so proud!
Well, one way is to let all the gays marry - and then perhaps, enough dollars will come in to off-set some of the ridiculous laws this state and Governor (Quinn) have insisted on. It's so ridiculous, that this state couldn't fight it's way out of a box with scissors...
Someone dropped Nutcase Nancy on her head...
If all fails, talk to me "after" you have the full blown experience of Obozocare...and then "I'll" be laughing!! Current stats state that we are expected to have a shortage of 90,000 qualified physicians. But, I'm sure you won't mind "waiting" for really long periods of time to get any medical attention that you feel you deserve, right???
Only since Obummer was elected - now, everything is up for grabs.
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PA County Clerk Illegally Marries Gay Couples

1512 Wrote: Sep 05, 2013 12:10 AM
I did the crime, now do the time.
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