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Notice how it all comes down to "name calling" - when the liberals don't have a realistic and honest answer to the question asked. As usual, it's ALWAYS someone ELSE'S FAULT...
Scott Walker has obviously performed beyond expectations in his home State of Wisconsin, turning that economy around following the failing policies of the past Democrat Governor. The Media NEVER properly vetted OBOLA…so, why should they feel the need this time around. ACTIONS speak LOUDER then words…and both Dean and Obola are complete idiots.
Very, very interesting! Can you say, America for Sale...
Well, what do you expect from people who have stopped caring, have gotten too comfortable and are "stupid". Unfortunately, Gruber is correct - the majority of the American voters are stupid!!!!
All though it's a long shot, I dream of the days when these TRAITORS would be put in jail…but, the Democrat Socialists are in charge!!!
It would have cost LESS to have insured the "so called", 30 million people without insurance - then to have ruined the best healthcare system in the world…but, that was the whole plan from the start!!
Completely mentally DISTURBED, disoriented and can't keep all HIS LIES - straight!!! And half the population in this country, who are pathetic pieces of "ill informed" (I'll believe anything you tell me) human waste…VOTED for this…sack of BS !!!
It's so sad that over half of the population of this country are complete idiots, actually believing that Obozo was capable of being President. He has no proper skills (although he LIES, out of both sides of his mouth) to hold the office…he's weak, two faced and is only interested in the destruction of this country.
Let's see…every ILLEGAL coming into this country, will be trying to get as much FREE STUFF, as they can from the government. That means, there's going to be LESS - free stuff - for the black community. Now, as you supposedly represent the black community, how do you think they're going to vote - knowing that you're giving their FREE STUFF away…to those entering this country "illegally"….
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Obama: It's Lonely Doing All The Work

1512 Wrote: Jul 14, 2014 12:16 AM
When he does ANY WORK, let me know…
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