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Well Played, Republicans

1375 Wrote: Dec 21, 2012 8:14 AM
Sybil - Black, liberal, entitled, 5 kids, 4 fathers (3 in prison, 1 unemployed) and a champion of murdering unborn babies while weeping copiously over death row inmates about to be executed for killing several adults and kids (who are not fetuses). BTW why do we charge people for TWO murders if a woman is murdered while carrying a baby when the mother, the ONE person that is supposed to be looking out for her unbord child can kill legally with hardly a thought. Liberal philosophy is an oxymoron. Also disarm all of our citizens to ensure wack jobs like the guy in Newtown can do soemthing like that again but with greater assurances that no one can stop him. Seriously you stupid liberal phux???!!!!

Yes, that's sarcasm.  

Rather than vote for a plan that would have allowed the GOP to argue that Democrats were taking America over the cliff as a result of their refusal to back their own leaders' previous plan to raise taxes on those making $1 million per year, the GOP will now be blamed for taking America over the cliff as a result of a stubborn refusal to back tax increases on million dollar earners.

Yes, I wanted John Boehner to step down before wanting him to step down was cool.  I've not been a huge fan, but he...