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Tim Kaine Explicitly Endorses Tax Hikes in Debate With Allen

1375 Wrote: Oct 08, 2012 11:14 PM
Raising taxes is a non starter
rhinegarten Wrote: Oct 09, 2012 6:40 AM
UNless it's on the so-called rich. Then people drink the kool-aid and are actually led to believe that the government is going to stick it to the people who have money. Those who have money are either going to stash it in the Bahamas if they haven't already, or take the whole ball of wax and move out of the country.

Either way, investment suffers and eventually so do jobs as a result. This leaves large government debt because of loss of revenue due to high unemployment rates - hmm, familiar.

Worse, the government must now seek out new sources due to continued overspending, so eventually it must heavily tax whoever is left. Who is left? The middle class. You may think the middle class is hurting, but it holds a bunch of money in 401ks.
Candidates for U.S. Senate Tim Kaine and George Allen faced off in a debate in Richmond on Monday night, the second such contest in this closely-contested race. There were few heated moments, as the debate format allowed for very little back and forth between the candidates.

Each one hammered home the themes of their campaigns. Kaine repeatedly tried to make the case that he'd legislate in a bipartisan way, trying to draw lines between himself and the Democratic establishment in Washington. Allen discussed Kaine's close alliances with D.C. Democrats and relentlessly hammered Kaine's support for defense sequestration cuts.