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These guys at the checkpoints aren't secret agents foiling terrorist conspiracies gang. If a terrorist GETS to a checkpoint then the FBI has failed. You understand?
Boy their are some serious idiots in the forum today. I expect this from the Demonrats but not here. Unless these are Demonrat trolls?
They don't molest kids you moron.
The TSA screeners have an exceptionally hard job, are underpaid, work their butts off and get crapped on repeatedly by their bosses and an ungrateful public. You got any idea how many guns, sword canes, live snakes, and yes, even gassed up chainsaws they have found? You don't have to go up and shake their hand for what they do or even say thanks but they do deserve better than the comments left by these morons below.
Sure. Give it back to Wackenhut and pay them $8 /hour. See how it goes...
Right. Americans want security but they don't want to be inconvenienced. Well guess what? Security IS inconvenient. It's a tradeoff.
They find a lot more stuff than you think.
THe whole hard drive crash thing was bogus from GO. When your hard drive crashes, do the emails that you sent to others go away too? No. They are on a server and then other people's computers. This was obvious malfeasance with an obvious cover up. Must be nice to have the press in your pocket.
If a stste dept spokesman had said that during wwii they would have been run out of dc on a rail. Reminds me of Dumb Dicky Durbin saying we can't drill our way out of high gas prices. You can't make this stuff up.
surely there is a drone with his name on it
he could be the dean man at one of our prestigious libtard
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