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Rich kid out of a rich political family. What does she know about anything?
Josh believes....???
I am no fan of Cummings but I agree with him on this however would he be saying this if she was black or would he be crying racism to calls for her removal?
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It's Better Now

1375 Wrote: Oct 01, 2014 11:25 AM
Mike Critchton wrote about this in State of Fear 10 years ago. That book also debunked global warming (as it was called back then) and warned about the repeated nastiness of mixing science with politics. Great read and prophetic.
why that is .... 4 dollars lois! Clearly a product of public schools
Tell you what gang, you go to HuffPo or CNN and the libtards are out there in LEGION. There are a LOT of serious dumbtards out there. These people are more worried about their "carbon footprint" and "saving the planet" while ignoring the actual events that are destroying our country! And they ALL drop the race card. GOP hates women, blacks, poor people, yada yada yada, same talking points over and over and over. All these poeople do is blame others for their problems. Not a shred personal responsibility to be seen. Welcome to the new America where it everyone else's fault but MINE.
How they get a guy to lie like this with a name like Josh Earnest (you joshing me, Earnest?) is beyond me. Blaming everyone else for everything and never taking responsibility for anything is a hallmarlk for a certain class of people. What class? Children. Children do this. The Demonrats are nasty overgrown children. Bright, ambitious, yeah sure, but they are all ID, narcissists. Just listen to their rhetoric. And it is no surprise that most of them became lawyers and never ran a business in their lives. This is who is in charge. I sure HOPE that it CHANGEs soon.
If by runs them around you mean lies, then yes that is true.
If by runs them around you mean lies, then yes that is true.
What are we PAYING this guy for again?
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