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Really John? Why aren't you dead then?
that bucktoothedbitch that was Hillary back in the day was AVERAGE at best. Beauty is INSIDE and INSIDE Hillary has a black soul. RACIST RACIST!!! Fugging Demonrats....
NO ONE has ever had more of a privileged and above the law life than Skankles.
Another visitor from Planet Libtardia.
Age has nothing to do with it Lois. I bet you have been heinous your whole life and can't give it away.
You are married to Obama's icehole, Lois.
Plus Katie is exceptionally HOT and Hillary is exceptionally NOT.
Hey Richard Cranium alias supertroll, the POTUS is the Commander in Chief of the military. The military is under his command. It was set up that way in the Constitution which your POTUS a lot of libtards like you despise. In this case though had the military had a free hand they would have gone in and saved those folks. It was only due to not wanting to "look bad" is why they were not given the order to go and they have to have that order unless it is a standing order that they respond. Is your mom's basement cold btw?
Let's boycott liberals.
Let's ban 12.83 ounces super troll. Why? Well...why NOT?
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