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WaPo: Man, This Economy Stinks

1200FPS Wrote: Aug 25, 2012 11:48 AM
All too true. Four years ago I could count on my retail business averaging $1K/day. (For all you business-ignorant Dems, no that does not mean i took home $300k/yr. After overhead it's more like 15 to 20% of that.) Now if I hit $600/day I at least think I can still keep the lights on. I'm down to two employees (from eight). If the economic dunce BHO gets reelected I might as well just close the doors. As far as I can tell his whole plan is to raise taxes, stick me with a bunch of new costs and regulations, wait around and HOPE it gets better, like he has for the last three years. What a moron.
restoreliberty Wrote: Aug 26, 2012 1:35 AM
I hear ya!!! I sold 2/3 of my practice to one of my former employees, letting him assume the hidden cost of employer taxation (he initially took 12 other employers and is now down to 5) ,reduced my taxable income down below the 12% bracket. It just wasn't worth it to keep struggling to recruit clients (who are themselves struggling to stay in business), keep up with all the compliance and regulation, perform the work my clients were paying for, and never having time with my family. I am a woman CPA and this war of Obama's against business and women has been devastating. Thank God the sale of the bulk of my clients allowed me to pay my house off and I can take the reduced income, but going from the 36% tax bracket to the 12% sure isn't
restoreliberty Wrote: Aug 26, 2012 1:39 AM
good for taxable revenue to the government and the state and local tax revenues. The man who bought my book of business has lost 1/3 of the clients due to them going out of business or falling below income levels that justified professional tax and consulting services. So, assuming that he is now filling in the gap by buying the client business would be an error in thinking on the part of pukegressives.
pow1000 Wrote: Aug 25, 2012 12:53 PM
The people that will vote for him are even bigger morons. Why are they voting for someone who so incompetent, arrogant, thinks the world of himself.
Oh wait, but he is sooo cute. Look at his smile, aww!
Richard1452 Wrote: Aug 25, 2012 4:00 PM
That is easy - FREE MONEY & STUFF. He got elected last time because of guilt NOT experience! Now see what it got you!
Huskie Wrote: Aug 25, 2012 10:47 PM
Cuz he gives free birth control/abortions...and OOPs he lies

Actually, the Washington Post is merely reporting on a new study that underscores just how miserable Barack Obama's "recovery" has been for middle class Americans.  Headline: Household Income is Below Recession Levels, Report Says...

Household income is down sharply since the recession ended three years ago, according to a report released Thursday, providing another sign of the stubborn weakness of the economic recovery. From June 2009 to June 2012, inflation-adjusted median household income fell 4.8 percent, to $50,964, according to a report by Sentier Research, a firm headed by two former Census Bureau officials. ...