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Taking the Press for Granted?

111gecko Wrote: Aug 17, 2012 1:48 PM
This won't change. Eventually it will hurt Obama..this is like any other need practice. Look at teleprompter, just notes. Romney speaks everyday and takes questions..they are getting very good at it. As we get closer, Obama will HAVE to answer the press and we will see how rusty he is without his prompter during the debate. This will bury them in the end.
There are signs that the President -- whom the elite press did so much to boost in 2008 -- has begun to annoy his erstwhile admirers.

Here, a dispatch from Jake Tapper (one of the fairest members of the press) highlights the fact that, after eight weeks without a press conference, the President has instead turned to People magazine and Entertainment Tonight.  And Politico's Dylan Byers describes Obama's softball interview with a flirty FM disc jockey as a "thumb in the eye of the White House press corps." 

Now, there's not much the...