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He probably thought he was a hip-hop star.
Add 2 for us in AZ...they aren't tracking, but everyone I know got canceled from Aetna.
Nothing to see here. In other news...Obama's birthday is Sunday, so let's all focus on which trip or private concert he is going to have for himself....no point in worrying about this at all...he said it was nothing.
Anyone think this wasn't planned upfront??................
The Justice Department has a trial run at watching the polls with the new voter ID law in place...amazing, huge turnout and a Republican that has no business winning is up by 10 points...crazy how accountable voting works......too bad it is a few months late..
"....Montana, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas would all benefit greatly.."..all Republican states that went for Romney in 2012...That is all that needs to be said. This President only wants scalps and doesn't care about the country...he is nothing but a baby taking his ball and going home. If this was in the NW or NE where he was supported, it would have been a done deal long ago...pathetic.
Does anyone know if the Dems can delay/repeal the parts they want? Can't the Repubs say 'take it or leave it' to the whole thing since it was passed in it's entirety?
Are you kidding me....this guy has no shame.
I would rather have them delay the report: 1) It makes them look foolish as it would prove they were trying to hide it...2) They are going to lie on it anyway and have it come in at 7.4%.
Nobody puts baby in a corner......
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