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Before the Foreign Policy Debate . . .

101AirbrnDiv Wrote: Oct 07, 2012 7:12 PM
Stock market performance under Clinton and George W. Bush. --------------DJIA-----NASDAQ----S&P500 1/20/93----3242--------697---------433 1/20/01--10,588-----2,770-------1,343 1/20/09----7,949-----1,441---------805 Performance under William Jefferson Clinton. DJIA, +227%. NASDAQ, +297%. S&P500, +210%. Now, the Destruction of Wealth under George Bush and the Republican party. DJIA, -25%. NASDAQ, -48%. S&P500, -40%. George W. Bush did have a Reign of Error.

American Crossroads has put out an incredibly damning indictment of the President's (non-) "response" to the terrorist attacks on 9/11/12.  There's a reason I think he's earned the title of "President Eye-Candy."