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After Obama’s Weak Debate Performance, I’m Now Predicting a Razor-Thin Election

101AirbrnDiv Wrote: Oct 07, 2012 9:44 PM
This Republican-controlled Congress overwhelmingly passed "H.R. 1309: Flood Insurance Reform Act of 2011" on July 12, 2011. It's purpose: "To extend the authorization of the national flood insurance program, to achieve reforms to improve the financial integrity and stability of the program, and to increase the role of private markets in the management of flood insurance risk, and for other purposes." Why does the government subsidize millionaires buying insurance for their large homes on beachfront property? Most of this money goes to two states; Florida and Texas. When I was a kid, most beachfront dwellings were cottages. Now, thanks to taxpayer financed insurance, wealthy people build mansions.
Texas Chris Wrote: Oct 09, 2012 8:32 AM
This is right out of Ron Paul's talking points, too.

Most of my life my family has had a beach cabin. Not a big place, one room, kitchen, and bath; up 15' on pilings. The basic rule was "don't build anything at the beach that you can't afford to lose." We had no insurance.

Hurricane Rita destroyed the place.

On the big issue of who wins the presidential election, I’ve been as constant as the north star.

But for state-by-state estimates, I’ve been flipping back and forth like a corrupt politician (pardon my redundancy) trying to decide between two interest groups.