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True Colors of Islamists

0_BAMANATION Wrote: Sep 12, 2012 7:43 PM
'ISLAM' ... IS LUCIFER'S "FAITH" BASED UPON AN ANTI-CHRIST UTTER FALSITY "moham-mad" was an utter fraud.. a falsity perpetrated upon otherwise sane people. Today, followers of this anti-Christ deviant belief system call themselves 'believers'. Instead, they are all fools... duped by 'moham-mad' into a falsity named 'islam' that since 700AD had masqueraded as religion. It is not religion. Instead it is a murderous falsity. Like Nazism and Japanese imperialism it too must one day be exterminated from God's earth. This must be done before any Middle Eastern nation becomes nuclearized.
With yesterday’s storming of American diplomatic offices in Egypt and Libya, the world is now watching the true colors of Islamists—something that those of us with experience have known all along. Unfortunately the Obama administration has been doggedly colorblind to the Islamists’ true colors.

We give Egypt $2 billion a year. We give Libya military and financial aid to topple their dictator. But what do we get in the way of thanks? Death and destruction.

Make no mistake—these recent violent events will not be contained to those two countries. It will spread to many other countries that...