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Surprise! Harry Reid Refuses to Release His Tax Returns

0_BAMANATION Wrote: Aug 07, 2012 11:19 AM
THE MAGIC NEGRO & SCARY DIRTY HARRY Both became millionaires only while in "public service" The halfrican became such via mimicking what made the Clinstones rich... via the writing of 'dreamy' books. Scary Dirty Harry became such via funky self serving land deals... then it was straight from Barney's rented basement to 3000 thread sheets at the Ritz Carlton in DC.... ***** FIVE STARS

Surprise, surprise. The man who claimed Mitt Romney hasn't paid taxes for ten years on the Senate floor because "someone" told him that was the case, is refusing to release his own tax returns. Reid, who lives in the Ritz-Carlton in Washington D.C. has gone from middle class to being worth more than $10 million during his time in the Senate.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid again deflected questions Monday about releasing his tax returns, even as he continued to pound the demand for Mitt Romney to make more of his own public.