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New Rule: All Teachers Should Be Required to Carry Guns

08hayabusa Wrote: Dec 16, 2012 8:42 AM
OnAllisonsSword Wrote: 4 minutes ago (8:36 AM) My heart broke as I watched Obama cry when he talked about those murdered kids. This is a man with so much love and humanity in his heart, it just overflows sometimes. We are behind you Mr. President. Anything you suggest we will back you up. You have th moral authority, not these NRA terorrists. _______________________________________ Your Lemming is showing. You can't tell the difference between crocodile tears and true feelings.
tibby2 Wrote: Dec 16, 2012 8:54 AM
In the liberal mind the terrorist is the one who does not pull the trigger and if you do so to defend yourself then you are guilty of murder and taking away the civil rights of the perpetrator.
gary395 Wrote: Dec 16, 2012 8:47 AM
Obama was grabbing an onion, so he can show us some Fake Tears.

My heart is sick. I feel so sorry for the children who were murdered, as well as the parents and loved ones of the slain kids and teachers at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. All of us here in the U.S.—who still have a soul—pray for those whose lives were just senselessly shattered.

But imagine if at least one teacher (with a concealed weapons permit) had their .40-caliber Glock with them, locked and loaded, when this weed Adam Lanza began his murderous mayhem Friday on the Sandy Hook Elementary School campus. What would have happened differently?