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Ed Schultz: "We've Never Had a Civilian Stop a Shooting"

08hayabusa Wrote: Jan 12, 2013 4:54 PM
In defense of Carlos here are a couple of scriptures: (Luke 22:36-38) . . .“But now let the one that has a purse take it up, likewise also a food pouch; and let the one having no sword sell his outer garment and buy one. 37 For I tell YOU that this which is written must be accomplished in me, namely, ‘And he was reckoned with lawless ones.’ For that which concerns me is having an accomplishment.” 38 Then they said: “Lord, look! here are two swords.” He said to them: “It is enough.” (John 18:10-11) 10 Then Simon Peter, as he had a sword, drew it and struck the slave of the high priest and cut his right ear off. The name of the slave was Malchus. 11 Jesus, however, said to Peter: “Put the sword into [its] sheath.
08hayabusa Wrote: Jan 12, 2013 4:55 PM
If Jesus didn't believe in self defense he certainly would not have recommended they get a sword let alone allow them to carry one.
Carlos_7 Wrote: Jan 12, 2013 5:07 PM
And ...

"Think not that I came to send peace on the earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword."

Yeah, he really said this:

Where did he get this idea? Jack Coleman over at NewsBusters thinks the claim originated from a Mother Jones article written in the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting, but Schultz doesn’t source the statement. The Mother Jones report states: “In the wake of the slaughters this summer at a Colorado movie theater and a Sikh temple in Wisconsin, we set out to track mass shootings in the United States over the last 30 years. We identified and analyzed...

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