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The UN knows better then to attempt to physically disarm us, their only hope is the ATT and if that gets passed. Well we all know ammo has been hard to find, its because people are stocking up on the calibers they have for a reason.
Are you kidding me ? Look at chicago, blacks shooting blacks. They do not "need" more guns, not saying to take theirs unless it has the serial number filed off, is stolen or they are convicted of a crime that bars them from gun owner ship. We were all created equally, we are all given these rights.
I would LOVE nothing more then to wake up and see on the news a pile rubble and dust cloud where the UN building once stood. It makes my blood boil any one from the UN stepping foot on OUR soil
Have they forgotten what happened the last time they stuck their british noses where it does not belong ? We are Americans, we will give our lives to defend our rights. If the brits want to take our guns, I DARE THEM TO BRING THEIR SMELLY REAR ENDS OVER HERE AND TRY TO TAKE THEM
Please correct the story, this guy was not FIRED. He decided months ago he was going to retire. Him being FIRED is the spin the lefties are putting on it. He in fact had decided months ago to leave to spend more time with his family. How true that is I don't know. But better to not help spread the lefties lies.
Liberals are the real dangers god forbid we say that about feinstein and other liberals clowns. we would have swat kicking down our doors
Thank you I now have to clean spewed out cola off my screen and desk lol
in my night stand is my taurus pt92af 9mm loaded with 135gr low velocity hollow points, house was built in early early 70's dont want a round going through a wall so heavy and slow is fine by me. Now that being said, my ar15 I keep a loaded 30rd mag with jacketed hollow points in it. My theory is if I hear one person in my house in the middle of the night my 9mm will be grabbed. But if I hear what appears to be more then one person, my 9mm will be grabbed so i can cover myself in getting to the closet, grabbing the hidden key and grabbing my ar15. If there is more then 1 person I want to make sure I have the most the fire power in that situation. All mags in all guns loaded but not chambered only takes 2s to chamber a round.
You know why the Libtards love to go after guns and not abortions ? It is very easy, you see they hate the Constitution so having the RIGHT to a gun does not sit well them with. But if in the Constitution it stated women have the RIGHT to abortions libtards would be going after that like a fat kid after a ice cream cake with a twinkie on top.
First time ever I have had to barrow money to pay my taxes, can not find much of anything but their still paid and I have to pay 250 in interest for the loan from a relative. I can honestly say that I do not make much money, barely enough to clear the bills every month and what ticks me off. I was born and raised here, I am a American a real American and a illegal fresh across the border makes more then I do now. Btw no I am not on food stamps, welfare or any hand out program. There are nights I go to bed with a growling stomach. Not that I am starving but I have to ration what I buy at the store. Times are not getting easier either and I am getting ticked off at the illegals being favored more then Americans.
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