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Pew Poll Says Obama a Loser as Reality Sets In

0-BAMANATION Wrote: Oct 10, 2012 5:19 PM
jkacan... Please learn and post in only standard English grammar.
GreyGardens Wrote: Oct 10, 2012 6:21 PM
dmarn and O-Bamanation--- leave jkacan alone.
Maybe he can't state his opinion as eloquently as the two of you (neither can I) but I can read what he said and he's on the same side as everyone else who thinks the polls that showed Obama was ahead was a lie and that Obama is a criminal in the White House and how can America tolerate it?
Also he's saying Obama should not collect retirement pay because he is not an American and does not deserve it and also Obama should go to jail. I like that part a lot but I doubt that will happen.
You're right on jkacan- keep it up.

A new poll from the Pew Center for Public Something-or-Another finally get's it right.

Obama's going to lose and it likely won't be close.

According to Fox News, liberals are up in arms about the Pew poll, which has Romney up 49-45 percent just few weeks before balloting starts in some states.    

From Fox News

Something isn’t just rotten in Denmark. Try Washington, D.C., where liberal are going insane reacting to the latest Pew poll results that show Romney kicking election butt by 49-45.

The Daily Beast’s Andrew Sullivan freaked out about the math...

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