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Honor Caesar Chavez's Legacy by Cracking Down on Illegal Immigration

0-BAMANATION Wrote: Oct 10, 2012 4:45 PM
"FORWARD".... to doom The 21st century is the final one for America as a concept and the United States as a single unified nation. It may even be the end for our great nation's Constitution and Bill of Rights. This will occur due to a slow but calamitous demographic shift that today so many errantly see, believe and cheer as being unavoidable, harmless and meaningless (all are members of the human race after all... they cheerily chant).
President Obama’s decision to honor Latino Labor Icon Caesar Chavez with a national monument was no doubt intended to try to draw Hispanic voters to his cause. Even the mainstream media recognized the obvious timing with headlines like “Obama dedicates Cesar Chavez monument, courts Latino voters” in Reuters and “With Cesar Chavez monument, Obama reaches out to Latinos” in the Los Angeles Times. Obama’s speech dedicating the monument did not mention immigration policy, but many commentators instantly tied Chavez’s legacy to liberal immigration policies.

Chavez’s slogan “si se puede” was taken up by the pro-amnesty protesters and 2006 and 2007,...