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Is There a Drone In Your Backyard?

*Cato* Wrote: May 17, 2012 3:31 PM
Big-time dreaming. No assumptions on my part -- however, one BIG assumption on your part -- that being an actual customer in the domestic "drone" surveillance business. There is no customer in that business, therefore no profit incentive, therefore no develpment and production, therefore a huge pipedream. Must have watched 24 one too many times.

Earlier this week, the federal government announced that the Air Force might be dispatching drones to a backyard near you. The stated purpose of these spies in the sky is to assist local police to find missing persons or kidnap victims, or to chase bad guys.

If the drone operator sees you doing anything of interest (Is your fertilizer for the roses or to fuel a bomb? Is that Sudafed for your cold or your meth habit? Are you smoking in front of your kids?), the feds say they may take a picture of you and keep it. The...

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