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The Cliff is Behind Us, Time to Brace For the Coming Battles

-42 Wrote: Jan 05, 2013 7:16 AM
Andy, I agree, I will no longer hold my nose & vote for any endorse Republican candidadte for office & will work to form a conservative third party. I'm through being slapped in the face by the beltway/eastcoast elites that run the dead Republican Party.

For the record, count me among the opponents of the fiscal cliff-averting measure that passed the House and Senate this week.

But please do not count me among those for whom this was a do-or-die litmus test for conservative veracity.

There are things members of Congress could do that would explode their reputations with me-- endorse Obamacare, back Roe v. Wade, cozy up to terrorists-- but when all is said and done, these days of intra-party angst are about differences in strategy, not goals.

From my North Texas base, I watched our area’s Republican contingent vote no, with opposition extending even...

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