The Political Money Machine

(image) On Wednesday the Supreme Court ruled 5-4 that limits on donor contributions to candidates, parties, and committees are unconstitutional. This is part of a continuing string of Supreme Court cases which expands the role of money in political elections, the most important of which was the Citizens United case in 2010. It also stirs up a heated debate on special interests, corruption, and excessive wealth in the political system.

Vote and Be Heard

Do you think there should be limits on campaign contributions?
 Yes, this makes millionaires and billionaires more politically important than the average citizen.
 No, but lets limit foreign contributions and harshly punish corruption.
 Yes, but don't arbitrarily limit the amount of campaigns and candidates to which we can contribute.
 No, money is free speech. We should be able to contribute whatever we want to whomever we want.

Your Answers Matter

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