The Freedom to Refuse

(image) On Monday the Supreme Court refused to hear the case of a photographer who withheld his services to a same-sex couple. In declining to hear the case, the photographer from New Mexico is effectively guilty of anti-homosexual discrimination. While supporters of gay rights see this as a victory, others mark this as another step toward government intrusion. Commenting on the case, Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange argues that “the government cannot constitutionally compel [the photographer] to create and express a message on one side of a contentious cultural and political issue.”

Vote and Be Heard

Do you think businesses should have the right to refuse their services to homosexual couples?
 No, and let's extend these anti-discrimination laws all across the country.
 Yes, the government cannot force businesses (or people) to approve of gay marriage.
 Yes, but only creative businesses that must express acts of approval (like photography).
 No, this is discrimination. All businesses need to treat everyone exactly the same.

Your Answers Matter

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