SXSW 2014 and Edward Snowden

(image) The annual South by Southwest Interactive conference in Austin, Texas was deemed even more newsworthy this year because of the presence of NSA whistle-blower Edward Snowden. In his streamed speech from Russia, Snowden showed his lack of regret about the leaking of NSA documents by saying he would do it again, "regardless of what happens to me." Another revelation that came out of the SXSW conference was the fact that measures to protect electronic privacy, such as encryption, are a cause for suspicion by the NSA.

Vote and Be Heard

With all the revelations of NSA spying, has Edward Snowden finally been vindicated?
 Yes, but why is he still in Russia? Come to the US and face your accusers.
 No, SXSW was wrong to invite him. Edward Snowden is a traitor.
 No, but the NSA is too intrusive. Our privacy is sacrosanct.
 Yes, the NSA has gone too far. Edward Snowden is a hero.

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