Ranch Showdown

(image) Cliven Bundy, and his supporters from across the country, have forced BLM federal agents to temporarily surrender. Faced with a peaceful group cowboys on horseback, a roadblock of armed federal agents decided to fallback and allow Bundy's 400 heads of cattle to be returned. The historical and cinematic standoff is part of the ongoing fight between Cliven Bundy, the Nevada rancher who refuses to pay federal fines to graze his cattle, and the Bureau of Land Management.

Vote and Be Heard

Do you think Cliven Bundy has the right to graze his cattle without federal interference?
 Yes, but there needs to be restrictions.
 No, but the bullying actions of the BLM are overdone and unnecessary.
 Yes, it was his family's land before the BLM even existed. The federal government should not interfere in generations of cattle grazing.
 No, there are environmental factors involved in protecting the land. It is federal land and should be regulated accordingly.

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