Palmer case

(image) Recently, a federal judge struck down DC's total ban on carrying firearms outside the home.  

For a short time, DC Police Chief Cathy L. Lanier issued adirective to her officers saying that out-of-state concealed carry permits willbe honored.  Citizens who open carry couldalso enter the District of Columbia without fear of arrest. Chief Lanier alsodetailed appropriate procedure on how to deal with residents from states whereopen carry doesn't require a permit. Yesterday, A 90-day stay on the decision was issued to allow the city council to make the appropriate fixes to address the new ruling.


Vote and Be Heard

Is the Palmer decision a victory for Second Amendment rights and are you hopeful that DC will enact appropriate laws to address the ruling?
 I don't know.
 No, the right to carry was reaffirmed in the decision, but was rescinded when the stay was issued. I don't trust that the DC council will write a permit-issuing law that respects the Second Amendment
 Yes, the right to carry has finally crossed the Potomac. I'm sure the DC council will enact a law permitting carrying outside the home, but with heavy restrictions

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