Olympics and Putin

(image) The 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia have brought into the limelight issues involving international solidarity and the Putin regime. Some viewers worry that this year's Olympics glorify a Russian government that is guilty of corruption and the disappearance and torture of journalists and dissidents. Others see the games as an important stepping stone to international peace and understanding. In either case, these Olympic games have been the most expensive in history topping the Beijing Olympics with over 50 billion dollars spent, a point criticized by ex-Presidential contender Mitt Romney. He notes, "To take money from some people so that politicians can be puffed up and can be shown around the world is, I think, something that is very distasteful at a time when there is so much poverty and so much need."

Vote and Be Heard

Do the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics harm Russia's human rights prospects?
 No, the Olympics are important because they provide funds and glory to the host country.
 It's just sports! No one takes this stuff seriously anyway.
 Yes, not only that but the Olympics are a waste of time and energy, they are the largest showcasing of cheating in the world.
 No, all Olympic games are the same, people are just picking on Putin because he is critical of the United States.
 Yes, the grandstanding and leader-worship show a disdain for the people of Russia.

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