Obamacare Navigator Program

(image) The more Americans learn about the Obamacare Navigator Program, the more frustrated they become. Recent reports show that this essential component of President Obama's signature law was fraught with mismanagement, confusion, and a lack of clear guidelines. Major problems included general misinformation presented by navigators to consumers, lax training requirements that may have compromised private information and could lead to identity theft, a lack of oversight that led many navigators to break the law and recommend doing the same, and a failure to adequately prepare staff for the technical disaster of Healthcare.gov. The Obama administration continues to defend the program and has accused Republicans and the media of manipulating the facts.

Vote and Be Heard

What is the worst part of the Obamacare Navigator Program?
 No preparation for the technical disaster of Healthcare.gov
 The Obama administration's attempt to defend itself
 Weak oversight that allowed navigators to break and recommend breaking the law
 Lax training that may have compromised consumer privacy and security
 General misinformation presented by navigators to consumers

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