Obama’s Symbolic Pay Cut

(image) President Obama agreed to take a 5 percent pay cut in accordance withfederal government employees losing an average two weeks’ pay as a result ofthe sequester budget cuts. This promise was made in the spring of 2013,yet no evidence of the supposed pay cut has been found in the president’s tax return. If President Obama had taken a pay cut, the document would show$20,000 of his $400,000 salary given back to the United States Treasury. The WhiteHouse has remained silent on the issue.

Vote and Be Heard

Why did President Obama fail to take the 5 percent pay cut he promised to accept at the time of the sequester?
 I don’t know why the president failed to keep his promise.
 He only made the promise to show solidarity with federal workers but knew that no one would hold him accountable.
 The sequester’s impact on government employees was not as great as was predicted. Therefore, there is no need to hold the president to his pledge.
 He did not keep this promise because he had to deal with more important matters such as the Benghazi attack and the war in Syria.
 He did not intend to keep this promise, just as he never meant to keep his promise that people could keep their own doctor under Obamacare.

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