New Cold War

(image) A new Cold War seems to be imminent as sanctions and travel bans are placed on Russian officials by the United States and EU countries. The new sanctions are a reaction to the Russian-backed Crimean referendum on the question of Crimea's absorption into the Russian Federation. The vote was overwhelmingly in favor (97% for, 3% against) of Crimea joining Russia. While Putin has called the referendum in "full accordance with international law and the U.N. charter", the White House released a statement saying there will be further consequences for Russia's actions, "including their actions supporting the illegal referendum for Crimean separation." Russia and the West remain at a standstill now, waiting for either side to intervene in Ukraine. 

Vote and Be Heard

Do you support the Crimean referendum?
 No, this flouts international law and Ukraine's right to rule itself. Russia cannot be allowed to expand wherever it wants without consequences.
 No, but it is not worth the cost of a new Cold War with Russia.
 Yes, the U.S. should not be hypocritical about whose sovereignty it supports. We should not go to war over Crimea's right to join Russia.
 Yes, but we should be wary of Russia's encroachment into neighboring countries.

Your Answers Matter

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