Militarization of police


Michael Brown was recently shot andkilled by a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri.  It's sparked days ofprotests, some of which have led to violence. Police have been deployed with heavy weapons, tactical gear, and armoredvehicles, which is part of to the 1033 program that gives surplus military equipmentto law enforcement.  The Department ofHomeland Security has also given “terrorism grants,” which has accelerated therate of police militarization.   

Leaving out the controversysurrounding the shooting, is the appearance of militarized police exacerbatingthe situation in Ferguson? Moreover, is the militarization of police invitingsituations that are more dangerous to the general public, with the policeincluded?

Is it a national issue?


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Is the militarization of police an issue for debate given what's happening in Ferguson, Missouri?
 Maybe, it's a legitimate question. Police should have access to surplus military equipment, but there should be a case-by-case review concerning the transferring of heavy equipment and tactical weapons. There needs to be more accountability.
 I don't know.
 No, police need all the tools necessary to maintain law and order.
 Yes, why do police need tanks and mine-resistant vehicles? There's little oversight in the transferring of this equipment and we're experience a record low in violent crime. It's time to rein in this trend.

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