FCC Monitors Media

(image) In the face of a major backlash, the FCC has retreated from investigating media bias. The plan which was introduced in May 2013 has only recently garnered attention. Fear over media censorship and the implications of a government agency interfering in journalism sparked the concern of at least 16 House Republicans, who directly addressed a letter to the FCC.

The FCC released a statement on the matter claiming, "Any suggestion that the FCC intends to regulate the speech of news media or plans to put monitors in America's newsrooms is false."

Vote and Be Heard

Are you concerned about the FCC possibly investigating news media outlets?
 Yes, and while we're at it get rid of the FCC, its an infringement of our basic freedoms.
 No, this is a simple study that could help us get rid of media bias. Let's bring fairness and objectivity back to journalism.
 Yes, the government should never interfere in the affairs of media or journalism. Keep government and media seperate.
 Does anyone even watch television news anymore? What's the big deal?

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