Celebrating Marijuana Legalization

(image) On Easter Sunday tens of thousands of weed-smoking enthusiasts traveled to Denver, Colorado to celebrate 4/20, an annual marijuana appreciation day. Colorado is the first state in the nation to legalize marijuana, regulating it on the level of alcohol. Marijuana legalization activists are now politically motivated to spread the tide of legalization to other states, including Oregon and Alaska where marijuana legalization ballot measures are being introduced this year. At the same time Attorney General Eric Holder has said that he's "tried to adapt to the situation in Colorado with regard to how money is kept and transacted and all that stuff." Overall Holder is "cautiously optimistic" about marijuana legalization.

Vote and Be Heard

Do you think more states should legalize marijuana?
 Yes, Colorado and Washington have raised millions in revenue from marijuana. It's time to legalize marijuana across the country.
 No, legalization negatively affects children and increases drug violence along the border. It is a poison and should not be legalized in any capacity.
 No, but let Colorado and Washington have recreational marijuana. It is good for those states, but don't make it the norm for the country.
 Yes, but legalization is not right for every state. Regulate, control, and let the states choose.

Your Answers Matter

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