Back To Iraq


In 2003, America went to war withIraq.  We won the war. We sacrificed during the tumultuous occupation, andleft at the end of 2011. Now, we could be heading back to Iraq with the rise ofthe Islamic State of Iraq andSyria (ISIS), a brutal terrorist organizationthat seeks to establish an Islamic state in the region.  ISIS forces haveoverrun much of Northern Iraq and Syria.  They recently engaged in an armed confrontation with Lebanon.

Earlier this week, NBC's JimMiklaszewski reported today that fighting ISIS in Iraq would be a 10-20 yearchallenge. It’s called the “long war” by the U.S. Military for a reason.  Right now, the United States is delivering humanitarian aid to the Yazidis, a religious minority trapped in the mountains of Northern Iraq, and conducting airstrikes against ISIS forces.

Do you agree with this course of action by the Obama administration? 


Vote and Be Heard

Do you support the Obama administration's decision to conduct airstrikes in Iraq?
 Yes, but we should put troops on the ground. The U.S. Military said this would be a 10-20 year challenge; there can be no success if we only conduct airstrikes.
 I don't know.
 No, we already spent enough time, resources, and manpower in Iraq.
 Yes, ISIS is a terrorist organization who will eventually target the United States.
 No, we should stop airstrikes until the Iraqi government gets their house in order. This crisis is also a political one.
 Yes, I support the airstrikes, but no troops. Iraq has enough combat-ready units in their army. Send more advisors to Baghdad.

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