In this photo taken May 30, 2012, Penzance senior adviser Peter Greenwald looks out of a window from an office on the sixth floor of the Watergate Office Building in Washington. This particular office space is believed to be the former headquarters of the Democratic National Committee offices that were burglarized 40 years ago. The building out of the window is the former Howard Johnson's Hotel. Forty years ago police in Washington arrested five men breaking in to the Democratic National Committee offices in Washington. The name of the complex they were breaking into became infamous: the Watergate. These days, though, unless you know where to look, thereís little marking the location of the 1972 crime that ultimately led to the resignation of President Richard Nixon. The office building that was the site of the break in is still in use, though the tenants have changed. The adjacent hotel where the burglars stayed is currently closed. And another hotel across the street where a lookout waited with a walkie-talkie, monitoring the burglarsí progress, has been turned into a college dorm. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)