FILE - This undated photo released by Obama for America shows Democratic presidential candidate, Sen. Barack Obama's father, also named Barack Obama, and mother, Stanley Ann Dunham (her father always wanted a son). Obama's father left the family to study at Harvard when Barack was just two. This visit, when Obama was 10, was the last time he saw his father; by then Ann had remarried. The labels used to describe Americans of African descent mark the movement of a people from the slave house to the White House. Today, many are resisting this progression by holding on to a name from the past: "black." The debate has waxed and waned since "African-American" went mainstream, and gained new significance after the son of a black Kenyan and a white American moved into the White House. President Barack Obama's identity has been contested from all sides, renewing questions that have followed millions of darker Americans: What are you? Where are you from? And how do you fit into this country? (AP Photo/Obama for America)