JAKARTA (Reuters) - An Indonesian air force Fokker 27 turboprop plane crashed in a suburb of the capital Jakarta on Thursday, killing six people on board and setting up to eight houses on fire, an air force spokesman said.The plane crashed at 2.45 p.m. local time (3:45 a.m. EDT) while trying to land at Jakarta's Halim airport, which serves mainly as an air force base, after a training flight.The only survivor was the co-pilot, who was injured, air force spokesman Azman Yunus said. It was not clear if there were casualties among people in the houses.Air accidents are common across the sprawling Indonesian archipelago. In May, a Russian passenger jet carrying 45 people crashed into the side of a volcano after taking off from the same airport. No survivors were found.(Reporting by Andjarsari Paramaditha; Editing by Daniel Magnowski)