SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (AP) — A sign outside the Alpha Center in Sioux Falls announces a roster of services: "Free pregnancy tests, abortion information, STD testing."But if you're a woman looking for help finding a legal abortion, you've come to the wrong place.A new South Dakota law requires women seeking abortions to first participate in one free counseling session at a pregnancy help center and establishes the nation's longest waiting period: three days.A help center is defined as an organization that does not offer abortion referrals but works to educate, counsel and assist women to keep their relationship with their unborn children.Supporters say the law's necessary because many women are pressured to seek abortions.Abortion rights supporters say it encourages coercion against abortion and is another obstacle to obtaining one.___Online:Alpha Center: Net Pregnancy Resource Center: Pregnancy Resource Center: Parenthood: