Storm was cruel to elderly who refused to evacuate

AP News

11/3/2012 3:03:33 AM - AP News

NEW YORK (AP) — Superstorm Sandy was cruel to the elderly of New York City.

Of the roughly three dozen fatalities identified so far, at least 11 were over the age of 65. Some were vulnerable because of poor health. Others died fleeing the storm.

But most drowned alone in bedrooms, living rooms and basements that flooded.

There was 90-year-old Loraine Gore, who was found face-down in her Coney Island apartment after floodwaters receded. She had refused to leave before the storm.

And there was 82-year-old Jimmy Rossi, known as "Uncle Jimmy" because so many people in his tight-knit Staten Island community are related. He was found in a marsh behind his beach bungalow.