FLINT, Mich. (AP) — Prosecutors and lawyers for a man charged in a string of stabbings that terrorized Flint, Mich., two summers ago are interviewing potential jurors for his first murder trial.Kimberley Minor had her brother Arnold Minor's ashes with her Tuesday and says she plans to bring them to every day of Elias Abuelazam's (E'-lee-us ah-BOOL'-ah-zahm) trial.The trial centers on Minor's death. Separately, Abuelazam is charged with murdering two other men and trying to murder six other people. Prosecutors believe he attacked 14 people that summer before he was arrested trying to flee to his native Israel.Jury selection could wrap up by Thursday. Lawyers and the judge especially want to know if people familiar with the stabbing spree that terrorized Flint can sit as fair-minded jurors.