1 case down, 2 left to go for fugitive siblings

AP News

4/30/2012 3:59:06 AM - AP News
DENVER (AP) — Three Florida siblings accused of a shooting at a police officer and staging a daring bank robbery during a multistate crime spree face sentencing on charges stemming from their high-speed chase, shootout and capture in Colorado.Twenty-nine-year-old Lee Grace Dougherty (DAHK'-or-tee), 27-year-old Dylan Stanley-Dougherty and 22-year-old Ryan Dougherty will be sentenced Monday in Walsenburg, Colorado, where they were captured Aug. 10.The three siblings face a maximum of between 20 and 32 years in prison. Once they're sentenced, it's likely that they won't be spending time in prison in Colorado.A federal judge in Georgia has ordered the three returned there to face bank robbery and weapons charges for a robbery at a Valdosta, Ga., bank on Aug. 2.Their court hearing in Georgia is scheduled for May 15.