LOS ANGELES (AP) — A computer specialist at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory is going to court over allegations that he was wrongfully terminated because of his belief in intelligent design.David Coppedge sued JPL after he was demoted and then let go. Openings statements in the lawsuit by David Coppedge were expected to start Tuesday morning in Los Angeles Superior Court after lawyers spent Monday arguing several pretrial motions.Coppedge claims he was discriminated against because he handed out DVDs about intelligent design to co-workers.He lost his "team lead" title in 2009 and was let go last year.JPL denies any discrimination and says Coppedge had conflicts with others and poor reviews.Intelligent design supporters believe a higher power had a hand in creation because life is too complex to have developed through evolution alone.Coppedge worked on the Cassini mission exploring Saturn and its moons.