MIAMI (AP) — An immigration judge in Florida has ruled that a former El Salvador defense minister can be deported for his role multiple killings and other human rights abuses.The Center for Justice and Accountability says Judge James K. Grim ruled in Orlando that Gen. Eugenio Vides Casanova is removable from the United States for the 1980 killings of four American churchwomen. Federal immigration officials declined comment Friday.Vides Casanova was a U.S. ally in the 1980s as El Salvador fought Marxist guerrillas. He later relocated to South Florida.A previous lawsuit against Vides Casanova over the torture of three Salvadorans resulted in a $54.6 million verdict against him and another former general.After losing an appeal in 2006, Vides Casanova had to give up more than $300,000 of his assets.