KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) — A state-by-state breakdown of disaster assistance being provided to 33 states and Puerto Rico from USDA emergency funds. Figures are provided by the USDA.Alabama: $16,555,901Alaska: $8,262,000Arizona: $5,213,700Arkansas: $8,018,280Georgia: $4,411,850Indiana: $195,827Iowa: $10,820,000Kansas: $2,200,000Kentucky: $1,710,600Maine: $810,000Maryland: $231,000Massachusetts: $6,470,000Minnesota: $419,400Mississippi: $5,465,098Missouri: $50,073,773Montana: $1,060,000Nebraska: $10,869,950New Hampshire: $443,000New Jersey: $2,540,000New York: $41,794,484North Carolina: $4,631,000Ohio: $3,139,400Oklahoma: $5,266,795Pennsylvania: $13,875,000Puerto Rico: $2,265,000Rhode Island: $6,453,300South Dakota: $400,000Tennessee: $10,106,601Texas: $12,921,217Utah: $60,268,801Virginia: $1,240,000Vermont: $8,714,250Wyoming: $931,000Total USDA Emergency Aid: $307,777,227

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