UK plan to cut solar subsidies "legally flawed"

Reuters News

12/21/2011 11:23:46 AM - Reuters News

LONDON (Reuters) - British government plans to cut to cut subsidies for solar panels on homes were ruled legally flawed by the High Court on Wednesday, the Press Association reported.

The decision was a victory for environmental campaigners Friends of the Earth (FoE) and two solar companies, Solar Century and HomeSun, who challenged the proposals and said they were creating "huge economic uncertainty."

Energy Secretary Chris Huhne wants to cut feed-in tariff subsidies (FITs) -- payments made to households and communities that generate green electricity through solar panels -- on any installations completed after December 12 this year.

But Mr Justice Mitting, sitting in London, said the minister was "proposing to make an unlawful decision."

(Stephen Addison)