Texas is shooting donkeys, stirring burro backlash

AP News

10/31/2011 3:02:20 AM - AP News
PRESIDIO, Texas (AP) — Texas park rangers who have fatally shot nearly 130 wild burros at Big Bend State Park are stirring a whole new kind of cross-border controversy.The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department says the burros are wandering over from Mexico. The agency considers about 300 burros in Big Bend to be destructive intruders that hog up food and water needed by the park's native species.Opponents say the state only cares about are a few dozen bighorn sheep living in the 316,000-acre park. Hunting licenses for bighorn sheep sell upward of $100,000, and skeptics say the state is catering to wealthy and well-connected hunters.David Riskind, the state department's director of natural resources, says that's not true. He points out that bighorns aren't yet allowed to be hunted at Big Bend.