MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — The FBI is working to obtain the remains of a suicide bomber in Somalia to try to determine his identity.The terrorist group al-Shabab says an American by the name of Abdisalan Taqabalahullaah carried out Saturday's suicide attack in Mogadishu.Omar Jamal, first secretary of the Somali mission to the United Nations, identifies the bomber as Abdisalan Hussein Ali of Minneapolis. That's after friends of Ali's said they recognized his voice on a recording posted online by al-Shabab.Other friends told Minnesota Public Radio News the voice is not Ali's.E.K. Wilson, who oversees the FBI's investigation in Minneapolis, says the agency is trying to obtain DNA samples for testing.Ali left Minnesota in 2008 and is believed to have joined al-Shabab. He was indicted on terror-related charges in 2010.

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