Police from Nevada are in San Francisco to lay the groundwork for the extradition of a man accused of killing a Hells Angels boss at a Nevada casino.

Authorities say Ernesto Manuel Gonzalez was taken into custody Thursday on the University of California, San Francisco campus.

The 53-year-old alleged member of the Vagos motorcycle gang is accused of killing the president of the San Jose Hells Angels in a shootout at a Sparks, Nev., casino.

Sparks detectives say Gonzalez must appear in court in San Francisco on a fugitive-from-justice charge before formal extradition procedures can begin. They don't know when that will happen or if Gonzalez will fight it.

Sparks Police Sgt. Greta Woyciehowsky (weye-CHOW-skee) says authorities haven't ruled out more arrests. She says they're still interviewing witnesses but acknowledged some are reluctant to talk.

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