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AP News - 11 hours ago

ORLAND, Calif. (AP) — With shrieks in the background, a shocked passenger struggled to recount to an emergency dispatcher how a FedEx tractor-trailer smashed into a tour bus carrying high school students. In other 911 calls released Thursday, other wit ...more

AP News - 18 hours ago

Three New Jersey teens frantically used their cellphones to call for help from a sinking van after their troubled mother drove them into a river, their father said Thursday.Ultimately, a passer-by helped all four escape from the cold Delaware Ri ...more

AP News - Apr 15, 2014 7:10 AM

ANAHEIM, Calif. (AP) — Two convicted sex offenders dutifully checked in with police every month and wore their GPS trackers around the clock — the rules of parole that are designed to tip off authorities if a freed felon backslides.Yet for at le ...more

AP News - Apr 14, 2014 9:45 PM

An EMT. A volunteer. A spectator in a cowboy hat.Moments after bombs exploded at the Boston Marathon, these three helped rescue a man whose legs were blown off, a scene captured in an Associated Press photo. That man, Jeff Bauman, was lauded as ...more

AP News - Apr 14, 2014 7:15 PM

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — The first time historian Alan Taylor won a Pulitzer Prize, he found out when the telephone started ringing with congratulations and interview requests.The surprise and slight panic Taylor felt 18 years ago repeated themselve ...more

AP News - Apr 14, 2014 2:08 AM

A day after blinking in a showdown on the range, federal land managers pledged to pursue efforts to resolve a conflict with a southern Nevada rancher who has refused to pay grazing fees for 20 years.Bureau of Land Management spokesman Craig Leff ...more

AP News - Apr 11, 2014 9:11 AM

CHALMETTE, La. (AP) — As the fourth anniversary of BP's Deepwater Horizon oil rig disaster approaches, workers who cleaned up oil in the Gulf of Mexico are able to file claims for medical problems they developed after the spill.But questions abo ...more

AP News - Apr 10, 2014 4:35 PM

PITTSBURGH (AP) — The 16-year-old boy accused of stabbing 22 people at his high school was dazed "like a deer in the headlights" hours later and doesn't fully grasp what he did, his attorney said Thursday as he sketched out the beginnings of a possible ...more

AP News - Apr 09, 2014 2:47 AM

CAMP LEJEUNE, N.C. (AP) — A Marine posted at the main gate of a North Carolina base shot and killed a colleague inside a guard shack Tuesday, a military spokesman said.Camp Lejeune spokesman Nat Fahy said the shooting occurred at around 5:30 p.m ...more

AP News - Apr 07, 2014 10:23 PM

PHOENIX (AP) — A Phoenix woman arrested after leaving her two kids in a hot vehicle during a job interview is fighting to clear her name in court, with the support of a New Jersey woman who has raised more than $91,000 to help her effort.Unemplo ...more