WASHINGTON (AP) — Figures on government spending and debt (last six digits are eliminated). The government's fiscal year runs Oct. 1 through Sept. 30.

Total public debt subject to limit May 23 16,698,697
Statutory debt limit 16,699,421
Total public debt outstanding May 23 16,736,577
Operating balance May 23 16,345
Interest fiscal year 2013 through April 147,814
Interest same period 2012 145,702
Deficit fiscal year 2013 through April 487,594
Deficit same period 2012 719,859
Receipts fiscal year 2013 through April 1,603,334
Receipts same period 2012 1,383,192
Outlays fiscal year 2013 through April 2,090,928
Outlays same period through April 2,103,050
Gold assets in May 11,041

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