Man charged after allegedly dumping suitcase full of puppies in alley Staff

4/12/2012 10:19:00 AM - Staff

An Ohio man was charged after he allegedly dumped a suitcase full of puppies and their mother in an alley, but forgot to take the luggage tags with his contact information off the suitcase, FOX Toledo reports.

Toledo police say a passer-by found the canvas suitcase with six 4-week-old puppies and their mother inside. The suitcase still had a luggage tag on it with the contact information for 53-year-old Howard Davis. The mother dog was also found to be registered to Davis.

"He gave us a story about the dog," said John Dinon of the Toledo Area Humane Society. "He had given the dog away to some friends in Michigan, and that the suitcase had been stolen."